Love affinity names

Numerology predict your way of life and your love compatibility with numerology

Astrological compatibility by affinity

The study of astrology and the positioning of the planets define the percentage of love compatibility between zodiac signs.

Test love compatibility between names

Numerology enables the couple to determine its points of interests and affinities romantic attraction potential for the future.

Divination, horoscope reading and cartomancy

The study of astrology and tarot cards draw built way of life and allows divining your future situation.

Numerology in the service of love compatibility

Numerology is the representation of names with numbers to know the degree of compatibility and understanding.

Method of calculating the test compatibility names

Learn how does the love compatibility calculation of names and the result of your way of life.

How to analyze the percentage of compatibility?

Discover the interpretation of your first name and the analysis of results of the famous test of understanding love numerology.

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